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Founder – Erick Sturm

I'm Erick Sturm and I’ve been implementing technology to help build businesses for over 30 years.

I purchased my first computer in 1980. I think it had 16K of memory and no hard drive. But I did build my first application on it. It was a simple customer database, pretty much an address book by today’s standards. Thinking about that now, many of my current clients had not even been born when I built that program… but I digress.

That initial experience made me realize that all companies would eventually need to adopt technology to compete. Of course back then I had no idea just how much technology would be integral to growth and profitability.

The marriage of technology and marketing was a game changer. It began in the early 1990’s with the development of CD’s, multimedia and video encoding, and I built a consulting business planning and implementing computer marketing strategies. The Internet was still in diapers at this point but the digital age of marketing had begun and there was no looking back.
I have consulted and worked on projects for BMW, The Hershey Company, and Harrah’s just to name a few, and it was great working on projects for companies with large budgets and seemingly limitless resources. I came away with the experience, knowledge and expertise that only comes by working on projects of that size and scale.

I started Sturm Media in 2007 to focus on helping small businesses achieve success with online marketing. When you work with me you have access to almost four decades of digital marketing knowledge and experience. Give me a call, let’s partner to build your business.

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